How can you prevent static electricity in your hair?

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During the time of winter, your hair may get static electricity and they will dry outside. This static electricity will be caused during the time of the Android environment. This is mainly occurred due to the moisture, this moisture will not be able to get inside your hair that is because of the build of some kind of substances like silicone or any other hair products.

There are some of the tricks to prevent static electricity in hair, which will help you in taming your hair you can make use of these tools those are as follows.

Ionic blow dryer

This blow dryer will not be that expensive where this can be bought by anyone in the market. This dryer will contain the negative ions that will neutralize the positive ions that are present in your hair.

Dryer sheets

You just need to take the dryer sheets and drop them gently on your hair region which will help you to get out of the static hair. In another way, you can even rub this dryer sheet over your pillow before you take your nap instead of applying them in your hair.


It is very much necessary to look after the cone that you are using. Making use of the metal comb will be good when being compared to the plastic comb. Do not consider the cost when you plan to buy the combo because only the branded one will give you a good effect.


positive ionsYou need to make use of the shampoo which has a high moisturizing agent. When these kinds of shampoos are applied to your hair this will not get you into trouble like the dryness. When you have taken your hair bath you should skip a day or two between the shampooing. During that time your natural oil that will be produced in the root of the hair will help your hair to be against the static and after that, you can again take your hair bath.


You have to dry your hair with the help of a shirt or with the help of a paper towel this will have the high ability to absorb only the water content from your hair produce the static electricity.

Bottom line

In these ways, you can get rid of static hair and the procedures for it are very simple which you can handle on your own without the help of anybody.


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