Guide to choosing a good wooden hairbrush

Buying a brush from the market that too according to your need will be quite challenging even if the size is small. As for how you hive importance to your hair it is more important to give priority on your hairbrush. When you have a look at the market, you can find many products based…

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What size of hairbrush will be suitable for long hair?

The hairbrush has to be used in the perfect size so that your hair will feel comfortable and also in addition to that when you make use of the right size according to the dens of your hair the comb will know how to make your hair get out from the knots. To find the right…

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Hi! My name is Rosemarie, I am a mom who loves making new recipes, spending the day on the lake, reading a good book, and exercising. Nothing you’ll see here is from a professional, I am just a regular mom sharing things I love!


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